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As patients of Absolute Medical Services you may receive reminders from us from time to time for upcoming appointments, reviews, assessments, or reviewed test results.

As we do not use a shared messaging gateway, all messages are sent from this dedicated number 0483 207 874.

Appointment reminders are both convenient for you and allow the practice to ensure that all patients, that are in need of an appointment, can be seen. 

Notification of test results and upcoming recalls are an important part of our commitment to your overall health.

We will not divulge the tests undertaken nor the results; only whether you need to return to the clinic to discuss the result further with your GP.

Sending these notifications by SMS is convenient and saves the practice not only in physical resources like paper, but also allows our nurses to spend more time on face to face patient care rather than administrative tasks.

You may, at any point, opt out of our messaging service by replying Stop, however this will stop ALL appointment reminders, recalls and results and the practice will revert to letters and/or phone calls instead.

If you require any assistance, you are always welcome to speak to our friendly reception staff.